Whether creating a tutorial or hosting a live event, video content has become a go-to choice for businesses. As live streaming and video become widely used on social channels, companies can deliver emotionally and compelling content to a broader audience and help you build a strong brand connection.

Live streaming has a way of demystifying the humanlike connection between customers and business, creating a familiar feeling that is often the foremost step to brand loyalty. However, how effective is live stream marketing, and what usefulness can you expect from a successful campaign? 

More than 63% of people aged between 18 and 34 watch live streaming, which shows how useful live streaming is for small businesses. Using and creating live stream video content is a crucial part of a digital marketing strategy as it helps to keep your targeted audience engaged and build your powerful brand.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is an act of transmitting live footage through the internet to a targeted audience. Live streaming gained popularity with the rising usage of streaming platforms. Social media has expanded the reach of live streaming, making live broadcasts a primary component of marketing and streaming functionalities that can be done on multiple platforms.

Benefits of Live Streaming

One screen is not enough to satisfy the entertainment needs of people in this digital era. In 2019, more than half US adults are two-screen viewers, which means more than 70% of the adult population use a mobile device and computer to go online while watching traditional TV, digital video, or live stream other programs of their choice.

number of people watching video on second screen

Source: eMarketer

Most compelling TV content and movies can not grab the full attention of 50% of US adults. Approximately 48% of US adults watch the second screen while enjoying their favorite movies and shows, compared to 38% who don't. However, the demand for live streaming is growing among large groups globally.

With a host of digital marketing tools, you might wonder whether creating live broadcasts is worthwhile; then, you need to understand that live video can help you grab the result that a traditional marketing approach can't. Creating unique content through the video streaming script can help you engage more audiences and grab the desired result without hassle. Live streaming can provide you with lot more advantages that you have never imagined before; these include:

Reach Broader Audience

A broader group of people prefer live video. Hubspot live video stats show that more than 80% of audiences prefer live video over boring text content, whereas approximately 80% prefer live streaming over social posts. Twitter users watch about 3 trillion hours of live content. This number is enough to represent why you must go live streaming for your small business rather than choosing other forms of content.

Twitter video viewers

Source: Hubspot

Make it Easier to Secure ROI

Video content helps you make your targeted audience take instant action. More than 21% of people strongly agree that If video and text cover the same topic on the web, they prefer watching the video. However, the report also shows that approximately 40% of people interact with vendors after watching a video.


Number of people agree they watch video

Source: Forbes

What's more, live streaming is inexpensive, making it effortless to secure a great return on investment (ROI). Approximately 73% of B2B businesses utilizing live video to reach their audience experience positive results on their ROI.

Helps to Increase Conversions

The end goal of each business is to drive sales and boost conversions. And live streaming can help you boost sales by 97% by allowing you to create awareness about your branded product, services, and more with ease.

You can use live streaming content for long and short-term goals. In addition to the instant advantages of live broadcasting, you can use the same content after the stream gets over. It can be repurposed as fresh content for business websites. Video content placed on a landing page can improve conversion by almost 80%; however, almost 64% of users are likely to purchase online after watching a video.

Live streaming is undoubtedly an effective tool that helps you expand your brand, reach your targeted audience, drive more sales, and more. How can you create engaging live video content? What rules and practices of live streaming must you keep in mind? 

Best Practices to Consider for Live Streaming

The live video goes beyond the moment when you are on camera and in front of an audience. There is lots of planning that goes beyond the great streaming that you watch. The best practice to consider for live streaming is as follows:

  • Know your audience;
  • Plan content;
  • Plan for engagement
  • Find the perfect place to go live
  • Extend the life of the live stream
  • Promote live stream in advance
  • Send follow-up mail.

How Can You Create a Live Stream for Your Small Business?

Creating a live stream requires effective strategy, and your live stream needs to be feasted no differently. Remember, unplanned and sloppy videos can damage your brand. Hence when your business reputation is at stake, it is better to think twice and plan perfectly before going live. To help you out, we have mentioned a few tips that will help you develop a live streaming strategy.

Post Teaser

If you are thinking of going live, you need to know about the right time to go live. Anything can happen when you are online; hence stay prepared for everything. Give heads-up in advance to your audience as it can help you engage more viewers and get the desired result shortly.

Don't Miss to Create Rough Script

Live streaming enables you to show your authentic, human side, and spontaneous to your brand. Remember, a nonsensical and meandering stream will leave your users confused; this can't lead to more conversions. Hence it's advisable for you to put some bullet points and dry runs before going live; avoiding being beholden to a detailed script is a better option.

Keep Content Fresh

Every live stream doesn't have to feel like an advertisement. Users are likely to engage with streaming content that is not a direct pitch. You can choose to provide how-to demos and tutorials to help followers get solutions to their problems. Live streams from community outings and trade shows can be beneficial. Go for content that helps you build a connection with your social followers, as it can prove to be a successful move.

Don't Forget About Your Brand

Make a brand positioning statement or simple theme that helps to illustrate why your company is a perfect choice for customers. Your live streaming can help you represent your brand, so make sure to deliver the message and be consistent in your technique for content creation.

Sell a Feeling

Technical or dry content will never go far compared to emotional content, and video is the best medium for capturing feelings. Make sure to know everything about your targeted audience, and understand their interest and needs; this can help you create engaging live streaming content that helps you connect with your targeted audience. Developing an association between your audience and brand is more important than punching your branded product.

Consider Incentives

You can entice your followers to tune in with special deals that are obtainable through live streaming. This will not only increase the potential for conversions but also encourage the followers' growth over time.

Build and execute the tailored strategy as it helps you to cater to your viewer's needs and get a better response; a successful video marketing campaign provides you with the potential to expand your reach beyond your network.